Our website is coming soon.

Presently we're working on tooling to get a few bridges out on the market as quickly as possible. First we plan on reproducing the simple 18" truss bridge (102 & 102L) and move into the 27" double truss bridges (101 & 101L).

After them we plan on working into the suspension bridges (105 & 105B) and the girder bridge (201).

The last items we will be marketing will be the signal bridges, but the tooling for that is probably a year off or so, it's a bit more complex of a piece than anything else they made. If it all is received well, we will attempt the tunnels.

If these items are received well, there are also plans and drawings already in place to reproduce certain models of these bridges in Standard Gauge.

We have no definite release dates since the tooling isn't in place yet, but we do hope to have, at the very least the prototypes on the table at the October York meet. If we can get them done sooner, it would be great, but again, it's all in the tooling delivery and set up.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions that you feel may be useful and possibly help expedite these along, please contact me either through this web site or at PD4103@AOL.COM.

Please check back for updates as we move this project along. I look forward to hearing from all of you and will appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.